Monday, 30 November 2015

The passage of time

Well. I guess November happened without me feeling any need to blog about any of it. It was a somewhat terrible month, to be honest, despite containing my (very pleasant) birthday (though it was a Birthday With A Zero At The End, which is always mildly horrifying). The upshot of my month was that I spent most of it sick, and when I wasn't sick I was miserable, and quite often, just for a really fun time, I was both sick and miserable. None of this was conducive to sewing, or blogging, or anything else, really.

However, although illness was the main stumbling block, another reason I haven't really been sewing is that I didn't really need to make anything. Although this is unfortunate from the point of view of enjoying my hobby, in intervals of misery I have, in fact, been smugly patting my own back quite extensively over this. As the season changed into late autumn/early winter it became cheeringly apparent that my wardrobe planning efforts are finally starting to pay off. Right now I have more or less the right amount of just the right things for the weather, my current lifestyle and I also like (almost) everything I own. This has been the wardrobe holy grail I've been working towards the last few years so: yay! I am going to write some more about this soon, because no, really, this is the first time I've felt like everything has come together.

Hanging handtowels for my mum's kitchen
Almost perfect wardrobe aside, I do still have a list of sewing projects. As I've felt a great deal less sick and at least somewhat less miserable in the last few days, I decided to start with something small: a request for my mum for hanging hand towels for her kitchen. I actually bought the towels for this about 3 months ago, and the fabric and buttons were pulled from my stash. I adapted this pattern in order to make four in total as requested (I had already delivered two of them to my mum when I took this photo). Not very exciting, I know, but my mum was pleased! These account for the meagre half metre of fabric that I managed to take out of stash this month, though happily I didn't buy anything at all so at least the numbers moved overall in the right direction.

I have no concrete plans for December as it all depends on how well I am. Nebulous ideas if I have days where I feel like sewing include working on the Please Stop Talking About It And Just Make It Already winter jacket, and maybe a Lekala hoodie thing, and maybe, possibly, something specific for Christmas Day. The only thing I'm really determined to do is finish my Wanderling jumper (last mentioned at the end of September) which has stalled out because I felt rather unenthusiastic about knitting long boring stocking stitch sleeves. I am sure I can plough through them fairly quickly though if I knit a bit every day, so if possible I will try to do that over the next couple of weeks. I hate having WIPs lurking about never-endingly and it would be good to get that jumper finished before the end of the year.