Friday, 8 June 2012

Reviewed: Ottobre Sweet Dreams (PJs)

I finished another item of clothing! It's just a pair of PJ shorts. This time I used an Ottobre Woman pattern (specifically 2011-5-2, called the Sweet Dreams pyjama shorts). It made a shorter pair of shorts overall compared to the previous PJ shorts I made (New Look 6321, with hippos on them).

Other than the length, the pattern itself is very similar to the New Look 6321. I used elastic at the waist this time, rather than a drawstring.

The fabric is a blue and red plaid that I picked up on eBay as a remnant. It was 1.25m long and 1.1m wide, and I used about 90cm of the full width for my PJs. I tucked the remainder away for a bag lining as it's more than enough to cover it. The fabric has a nice texture to it, and I think they'll make comfortable PJs.

As far as costs go, the fabric was about £2.50 for the portion I used, and I used just about 50p worth of elastic, for a total cost of about £3. Time-wise, I would estimate under 2 hours after the tracing stage to get everything done, and that was done in four very short sessions: one cutting out, two sewing and one getting the elastic situated. I made a couple of mistakes: the plaid isn't 100% perfectly matched and that's because I screwed up the grainlines when I was cutting out. Also, I didn't finish my seams at the right point in time and that's left a few messy bits in the seam allowances. Nothing that worries me in a pair of PJ shorts, but actually some useful things to learn for the next time I make.

You can also read my actual pattern review on PR.

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