Friday, 7 September 2012

Made: Catch-and-release scarf

My fifth catch-and-release scarf, as modelled by Flossie.
Yesterday, in the midst of a very bad day, I decided to make yet another ruffly scarf during my breaks. This is my... fifth of these catch-and-release scarves, I think? I've made a lot of them anyway so I really can knock one out over the course of couple of days by just zipping into the other room and doing one long line of stitching in each 5 minute mental health break from my thesis. I got most of it done yesterday and finished it off in my breaks this morning, even though I did something really stupid. I decided I would do the side hems at the very end, which: what? why? what was I thinking? Let me tell you, the right time to do the side hems is NOT when you have just sewed about 5m of elastic thread into a long strip of chiffon.

How to make it: Free tutorial on

Fabric used: I bought 1.60m of 110cm wide synthetic georgette on eBay. When it arrived I really liked it -- it's a white check with a subtle blue and green floral abstract overlaid on it. I followed my usual habit and immediately flung it in the wash, and alas, it came out a complete rag. On the one hand, very off-putting, because no way was it going to work for a sorbetto top as I'd planned unless I spent ages and ages ironing it every time I wore it, which: no. On the other hand, I actually really liked the way the fabric went wrinkled and textured, and decided it would do for a scarf. Then I forgot all about it again until I found it while spelunking through my stash for something completely different.

I am keeping this one for myself, but I have enough fabric for an identical second one which I will probably fling up on my Etsy shop when I have it running again.

In other news: the current Everyday Wardrobe posts at A Fashionable Stitch could not have come at a more convenient and apt moment.


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    1. Thanks! I have so many of these now because they're so easy to make and pretty.