Thursday, 31 January 2013

Plans for February and another quick bag

Planning a month ahead really worked for me in January, even if I didn't really get every To Do item done, or it didn't turn out quite how I expected. I dealt with my red top (although mainly by deciding it was a wadder, alas), I tried out knitting with great results, I added a couple of bags to inventory (see below for the second one I finished this month) and best of all, managed to get my bag done for the PR contest that finishes mid-February.

February is going to be a really tough month work-wise so I am going to keep my goals as relaxing and simple as possible.

1. Bags. I only got 2 bags made for my shop in January so I'm a bit short in a couple of categories. I still need to make 2 clutches and 2 small bags, and then also keep my stock up to date if I make any sales.

2. Knitting. Really, my only knitting aim is to get another project cast on. I'm really torn about what to make, so really most of the effort in February is going to be finding a project, maybe buying wool and casting on. I have (fatally) discovered that the Village at the End of the Universe where I live, which has basically no amenities or places to shop DOES have a tiny yarn shop, so I think some of my craft budget will go into their cash register this month.

3.  Clothes. I want to get one top made from my list of possible TNT knit top patterns. I'd also like to spend a couple of hours on my woven bodice sloper.

Finally, just under the wire for January, I did finish another bag for my shop last night. It's another Daphne tote, a pattern I love to pieces. They always sell really well also, rarely hanging about in inventory for more than a couple of weeks. I think people like how simple they are. The factory shop near where I live is a godsend for this sort of thing because I can pick up beautiful designer home dec fabrics as small remnants perfect for this sort of bag. This one is a Lee Joffa fabric called Hollyhock and I think it makes a gorgeous spring bag.

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