Sunday, 10 February 2013

Yet more bags

It's been a bit ALL BAGS, ALL THE TIME on here for a bit. I've completely restocked the shop though now, so bag production will slow down a bit, barring a sudden surge of sales.

First up, a 1930s style clutch using a new-to-me pattern by Charlie's Aunt. The clutch pattern is called the High Tea Clutch and it's being sold by my favourite pattern maker, Michelle of Michelle Patterns on her website. I made mine in a combination of vintage wool and a synthetic shiny abstract floral lining. I quite like this pattern, especially the big floppy bow, although it's probably not my personal style to actually carry it. It's super easy and quick to make though.
Vintage wool High Tea Clutch -- for sale on Etsy

The other bag I made was WAY less successful, and I ended up gifting it to a friend as it isn't really saleable.

Caliti Clutch by Sew Sweetness

It started life as a Caliti Clutch. I've had it cut out for literally MONTHS, and the reason I was delaying making it were that I could NOT imagine how to get a good finish on the circular handles. Actually, if you click through to the website, you can see that the actual pattern author didn't get a fantastic finish on it herself. Looks good from a distance, close up it's not really great. However, I thought I would give it a try because it is really cute. I used some very small pieces of fabric I had lurking about so the costs were pretty minimal. The most expensive thing was that I had to interface it.

My version -- suspiciously lacking in circular handles as you can see!
I did TRY the circular handles, but even before I started stitching them on the clutch, they looked completely pants. I just couldn't get a clean circle on the inside of the handle at all. I ended up just slapping a sparkly buckle on it and calling it done. Luckily as I complained on twitter about it, a friend decided she liked it so I'll post it off to her.

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