Friday, 29 March 2013

Made: Kit Scarves

That virus I mentioned in my last entry? It wiped me out completely for the rest of the week. I basically just dragged myself from bed to sofa and back again and that was it. Today, though, I finally made it home from my mum's house and had a chance to take a photo of the tiny knitting projects I finished while ill.

Scarves from kits!
These scarves were each made using a simple kit on sale at Aldi for £3 each. The kit came with three 50g balls of acrylic fashion yarn in a couple of different chunky, bobbly styles, plus a set of fat plastic needles, plus ultra basic instructions. It was really the easiest scarf ever -- 16 stitches of garter stitch and keep going until you run out of yarn, basically. However, for all they were stupidly easy, the soft fluffy yarns and the interesting textures make for a really cute scarf and I'd have paid £3 or more for them if they'd been for sale as finished objects rather than kits, for sure. They didn't take long at all to make despite the fact that I picked them up and put them down constantly over the course of the week in between bouts of coughing and blowing my nose. I bought them last Friday, finished the first at the weekend and the second on Wednesday. I kind of wish I'd bought the third one I picked up, which was similar to the blue scarf but in red, but at the time I thought it was overkill to get three.

I've got two different projects lined up for this Easter weekend, but it kind of depends how I get on with recovering from this virus.

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