Sunday, 24 November 2013

A birthday scarf

I know this blog seems to have descended into scarf knitting mania, but this one TRULY is my last scarf this year and we will shortly be returning to your regularly scheduled sewing posts. Honest! I have even just cut out my cape at last and will be posting about it soon, sewing time permitting.

Sirdar Taffeta in Portobello
Meanwhile, however, it was my birthday last week and my mum and dad came over from the UK to spend a couple of days with me. Since the baggage limits are pretty tight on RyanAir they mostly gave me money for my birthday, but they also brought me a couple of little gifts, the most relevant to this blog being a ruffler foot for my sewing machine and a scarf-sized hank of really interesting yarn called Taffeta by Sirdar in the "Portobello" colourway.  I haven't tried my ruffler foot yet, but I jumped right on casting on the scarf.

I'm not going to lie, I was initially utterly baffled by the instructions for how to make a scarf from the yarn that were printed inside the label, and even once I started knitting I had a highly sceptical O.o face going on the whole time.

However, after a half hour of knitting it all started to make sense, and I knit it on and off Friday and Saturday until I ran out of yarn, ending up with this:

I think it's really cute! It's got a slight feather boa look about it, and I love the colours and the fringe. Now I just need somewhere to wear it! (Although, this does make me think again about the amazing theoretical evening wear wardrobe currently still fabric that I aspire to own one day, and how well this scarf will fit into it.)


  1. What interesting yarn, can it even be called yarn? In the photo it kind of looks like threads somehow sewn together.
    Is that accurate? Anyways it is lovely and so is the scarf.

    1. It's a really weird thing to knit with. I called it a yarn just because I couldn't think of the right word!. The part you knit is actually a really thin thread that runs along one edge of the ribbon, which is divided into rectangles. You knit each rectangle to another rectangle, if that makes any sense (probably not -- there is a reason why I spent the first half hour of knitting totally baffled by how I was supposed to knit it!). Here's a photo of it up close so you can see what I mean about the rectangles.

  2. I really like the colours and the interesting "yarn". My mum is mad knitter too, we have wool all over the house!

    1. It made a really unusual scarf, I love it even if it's a bit weird and strange to knit. :D