Saturday, 25 January 2014



I am, for reasons that will be further explained in another entry, giving away a very lightly used copy of the Cake Hummingbird pattern, having made the "Orange" skirt from it. Photos and review to follow!

What do I mean by lightly used? Well, I have unfolded the skirt pattern and had the instructions open and hanging about, but the pattern for the peplum top has never even been unfolded and there's no damage to the skirt pattern at all, not even a pin-hole. I trace all my patterns, so it is 100% intact. The envelope has a couple of creases in the corners.

As a spoiler I will say that I am giving it away because I am not overly impressed with the pattern, but I do think it has many good points. Don't be put off by that if you're a big Cake fan or you just want to give this pattern/pattern company a try yourself. My feeling is I would rather it went to an enthusiastic sewer who would enjoy it than sit, unloved, in my pattern basket. Please don't be shy, even if you normally silently lurk! If you'd like it, just say something to that effect in a comment, and I will do a random draw if more than one person comments. I will post to you anywhere in the world.

I am full of other things to tell you, blog readers, but all of them depend on decent light and getting round to fixing poor Flossie's (my inherited dressmaker's dummy, named by my mum when she went to teacher training college in the 1960s) dimensions so I can take photos of my skirt (it is VERY RED, but does not actually light up the room). Also, I am so far full of delight with my coverstitch, about which, however, I am waiting to rhapsodize until I have tried it out on a knit as well. And finally, I have made one entire sock! It's kind of AMAZINGLY TERRIBLE, but I need to block it and photograph it before the true horror can be revealed to you. And then I need to make another entire terrible sock to complete the set, or chop a foot off, which is the downside of sock knitting, I fear.


  1. Cake patterns do seem to divide the online community. I've not tried one, so I'd like to give it a go and see what I think of them. If I end up of the same opinion as you, it can be passed round the sewing club for them to try.

  2. I feel terrible throwing my hat in, as there is only one other comment, but I would like to have a try at this. I'm very curious about the custom fitting scheme - particularly on a skirt, since I don't like kimono sleeves, and all the Cake dresses and tops have them.

  3. I have not tried a Cake pattern yet, but I have had my eye on this one. Peplums suit me, and seem to work well with the simple skirt. I am like you, in that if a pattern (or, for that matter, fabric, yes, fabric!) doesn't please me, I pass it on. :)