Saturday, 8 March 2014

Made: Two more New Look 6150 View D/knit sloper

Sewing apathy definitely dealt with! In the last two days I whipped up two more plain scoop necked tops with elbow length sleeves like the black and white top I made last month. It really doesn't take long at all to make these, although I wished, in retrospect, I'd spent longer on the hems of each. It seemed to take forever and I still feel I am getting a substandard result from it, though that could just be lack of experience with my coverstitcher still.

New Look 6150 View D tops, modified with my knit sloper for fit and a scoop neckline
The top on the right is made from the same fabric as my favourite iteration of Ottobre 02-2013-02, the little kimono sleeved tee I made a million of last year. I had something like 5.5m of the stuff, though I have only about a third of it left now. It was very cheap, just £2/m, and I actually made parts of this out of the remains of a failed attempt at another knit top pattern (also from Ottobre, unblogged because it was depressing).

The top on the left is a sad story. This was a piece of fabric I bought at the Dublin Knitting and Stitching Show last November, from the MichaelH stand (a shop in Dublin city centre I despair of ever going to, since the opening hours are so peculiar and inconvenient).  I fell in love with the colour, which is actually 100% nicer even than in this photo, which suffers from poor lighting. It wasn't particularly expensive (€6 for a piece just a smidgeon over a metre, minus a large swatch cut from one corner) but I quickly ended up moving it into the "too good for the likes of me to sew!" box. However, in my most recent middle of the night sewing resolution ideas, I decided that no! That is RIDICULOUS. I need to just SEW. This was the first victim of that resolution and actually it all went really well, even the binding looks really great after I coverstitched it (which I feared because of my most recent binding disaster) and then the bottom hem went HORRIBLY wonky when I coverstitched that, and THEN, WORST OF WORST, I scorched it with my iron a little bit near the hem when I was trying to steam out the imperfections. I am the saddest sewist (and tragically, proved right that it was too good for me to sew!) :( :( :( :( I am not sure what to do. Neither dodgy hem nor scorchmark are visible from the all important metre away, and obviously not at all if I tuck my top in. On the other hand, I could make the hem shorter. The top is actually quite long on me so taking it up would not be a really big concern to me.

Either way, I am going to have to leave it and think about it when I come back from my travels, as I'm off tomorrow morning. I'm taking the accoutrements for more sock knitting and also, all my recent thoughts on dress patterns to go with my Great Dress Trying-On Experiment, and also my more recent evolved plans about woven tops, and I will probably report back from the field on one or more of these topics while I am away!


  1. Cool blog! Glad I noticed it on PR!

    I can so relate. Is the boo-boo big enough to justify more work to fix it? Sounds like the story of my sewing "career."

    Lisa, in Alabama

    1. Hi Lisa! I'll probably do some work on it again, just because I love the colour so much but argh, so annoying :|