Monday, 19 May 2014

Something like sewing activity

So, that lengthy break in blogging happened. Oops. I felt really horrible for most of it due to this on-going illness thing and now I am a bit better I am DROWNING in all the marking I should have been doing for the last fortnight. I have six days until my grades are due and I have 184 papers left to mark. No, that's not a typo. No, I am not exaggerating for effect. 184 papers. DDDDD: It's the absolute worst. I don't like marking at the best of times, but 9 hours a day of it to get through this backlog is the absolute pits.

However, I will survive! And prevail! And I probably won't eat ALL the chocolate in Ireland to get me through it (just most of it).

More pertinently for this blog, one of the ways I am making sure I live through it is by spending all my little breaks in the day doing small productive tasks that will (hopefully) set me up so I can spend most of NEXT week, after my grading deadline has passed, sew, sew, sewing my little heart out. I am taking a few days off and I fully intend to spend as much of that time sewing as my health permits.

I am not, however, even going to pretend I am likely to do anything complicated. I want some summer skirts -- today I cut the first of three out in a pleasingly grape-like shade of purple stretch twill, shortly to be followed by one in boring beige cotton and another in burgundy stretch twill. I also want to make a handful of tee-shirts, including a stripy one, and maybe a pair of shorts, and a cardigan. I sound like I am gearing up for summer except actually Ireland is actually still not remotely summery. It was like 13C (55F) today, so definitely not shorts weather! (Not that I am highly optimistic about getting to the shorts part of my sewing programme. I might very well spend more of the week in a post-marking puddle than I am presently anticipating.)


  1. I do hope for you that you can enjoy yourself and get in your sewing room soon!

    1. Me too! I am longing to sew something rather than just talking about it!