Sunday, 1 March 2015

Thank goodness it's not a leap year

Hello again! I'm so relieved February is over and today is the 1st of March. I was conspicuous last month mainly by my absence, for several reasons. First, and maybe most significant, February was really really frustrating on the health front. Back in January I was promised a new treatment that could make me feel actually well again (hurray!) but so far I haven't even got an appointment to see the person who is going to prescribe it (boo!). So, the possibility of feeling better, eventually, has hung there in promise for weeks now but in actuality no progress of any sort has been made.

In the normal run of things, I try to be as sanguine as possible about my health situation, because getting worked up about it doesn't help and ultimately just makes me stressed and fed-up. This month my equanimity failed me and I ended up feeling miserable for days and days at a time. It didn't help that for most of this month I felt, frankly, like hammered shit, because I am tapering one of my medications and I go through withdrawal for three days every time I change the dose... and I change the dose every six days. That's withdrawal symptoms on top of the side effects I already get! Ugh. UGH.

At any rate, general whining aside, the sewing implication of this is that about half the time I didn't feel like doing anything at all, and the other half the time hasn't seemed to coincide with really wanting to sew. It did coincide, however, with a couple of days of wanting to plan a lot of projects and make a mess of my sewing room in the process, which hasn't helped since I haven't had a good day since to tidy it all up again!

A second reason for my silence, though is that I actually kind of don't need to make anything right now. There are three factors that determine how many wardrobe gaps I have and how urgent they are at any given time -- my current size, the current season and what my lifestyle is like. At the moment I seem to be in a sweet spot of size/season/lifestyle where I have more or less everything I need. Therefore, I have no pressing need to make anything in particular, and although I have one or two "it would be nice..." projects on my list I don't feel any urgency about getting started on anything. It doesn't help that a lot of the places where I do have gaps would involve longer and more complicated projects or require work on fitting, and I just haven't felt well enough to deal with long/complicated or fitting.

At any rate, the upshot of all of this is that other than finishing a knitted scarf, and finishing my quilt (at last!), I did next to no sewing this month. I do have a few things in progress -- two bag projects, though both of them in the very early stages; another knitted shawl that I am about a quarter of the way done; and I made a muslin of a 1970s Vogue top pattern which was semi-successful but which, for various reasons, I have decided not to pursue for the time being. On the plus side, while I seemed to buy a lot of other things, I didn't buy any fabric, so I ended February with zero fabric out but also zero fabric in. I'll take that as a win this month!

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  1. Oh my West, I hope you are able to get some resolution on the health issue. It sucks to feel down and whining is okay in my book! I'll whine and wine with you. =)