Monday, 29 February 2016

Spring sewing starts here

For once, I am not lamenting the end of the month and the death of all my plans! I feel like I did a lot of sewing this month compared to the last several months. I finished: a t-shirt; three tank tops and a pair of StyleArc Barb trousers; a grey and white pullover shirt that, despite many (MANY) sewing flaws I love to pieces and have worn several times already; a sad wadder of a top from the most recent Burda (not a wadder in that post, but alas, trashed in the end) and worked on fitting trousers. That seems like a pretty respectable output for the shortest month of the year!

Unfortunately, due to stress buying fabric on several occasions, the less said about my overall fabric stash figures OR my sewing budget at the end of this month, the better. /o\ I mean, at least I sewed up a bunch of fabric as well as buying a bunch. And my stress buying wasn't quite as bad as it could have been as I did ditch out of buying things on several occasions. And I do love all the things I bought and all of them are for use this year. Still, not good. /o\

Moving swiftly on, let's talk spring! The first of March is meteorological spring, even if we have to wait another three weeks for astronomical spring and probably ages longer than that for actual nice spring-like weather. Nevertheless, it's time to think spring sewing for me. :D

Ottobre 05-2012-07
My big thing this spring is to replenish the long-sleeved woven shirt part of my wardrobe. My current selection is a bit limited and I need to replace a couple of those that I do have as they've become shabby. I have fabrics but not so much the patterns picked out at this point, though at least one of them for sure is going to be another Ottobre 05-2012-07 (without the colour blocking or the pockets) as a direct replacement for one of the shabby shirts. I am also looking for a cardigan pattern for 2m of striped cotton pique at the moment, without much success. Every pattern I find seems like it either needs too much fabric or would be a pain to work with stripes. Also on my list: some PJs, finish up the bag I am halfway through making, and sundry other small things. 

Finally, I'll say this part very quietly because as we all know my plans to make coats usually turn out to be fruitless, but I have once again picked out a raincoat pattern for a piece of red shower-proof cotton in my stash and am proposing to work on it this month. Actually, no, I am determined, DETERMINED, to actually get some traction on an outerwear garment this month! It's so annoying to have everything I need to sew coats and jackets -- which my wardrobe is really suffering for a lack of -- and yet still not have any coats or jackets! For real this time, I have to make a meaningful attempt to make a spring coat, or I need to give up and buy one.


  1. I'd somehow missed the pant fitting post - heading over to read that in a sec...

    You did have a very productive February!! I think you should just jump right into the outerwear sewing. Like, tomorrow! :) It's so rewarding.

    1. I am trying SO HARD to leap into sewing a coat here, but now I have pattern problems! Argh! Why must everything be so complicated!