Saturday, 20 October 2012

Made: Giant grape-coloured snuggle scarf

I really love scarves. I love making them, which is why I have 4 catch and release scarves that I've made (including one very recently). I love wearing them, which is why I have a million others that I've bought here and there (I have two I wear ALL THE TIME in winter that are alpaca scarves I bought in Peru.) Currently on my shit list though: Long Tall Sally. I love their scarves because they're long and they have great prints, and I like that they sell them off for £4 each at the end of every season (I am not willing to pay £20 for a scarf. I am TOTALLY willing to pay £4 provided I am buying other things at the same time). I MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT LOVE that they douse their scarves in probably-formaldehyde-or-something-equally-vile to keep them looking nice on the shelf, to which I am HORRIFICALLY ALLERGIC. I bought 3 new ones recently and even after I washed them twice in the washing machine I still had an allergic reaction to whatever the hell they put on them. I had to wash them another 2 times, AND I still spent 36 hours Wednesday-Thursday this week looking and feeling like my skin was going to fall off. Ugh. Making my own is SO MUCH LESS HAZARDOUS.

ANYWAY, to return to my sewing, I really love scarves and on Friday evening I wanted to do something completely easy and undemanding while I thought my way through an academic problem. I ended up making this giant snuggly purple knit scarf. Remember my Kirsten Kimono Tee in purple? I complained in that entry about how when I bought the fabric I didn't get what I expected. I THOUGHT I was buying "3m of purple jersey" from eBay and it really WASN'T when it turned up. It was two different pieces, one 1m x 1.5m wide 2-way stretch jersey -- just big enough for the KKTee -- and one piece of ulllllltra stretchy 4-way stretch jersey that was about 1.5m long but only 1.1m wide. I thought about making another KKtee out of it, but it was just SO STRETCHY I don't think it would have stayed in any kind of shape at all.

Instead I more or less made a Pleated Knit Scarf, except I was 100% less careful and meticulous about my pleats and sewing than the author of that tutorial. I love it though, it's so cuddly and warm, and PURPLE which is my new most favourite of all favourite colours. (I've always loved it, but I am having a purple renaissance, apparently.) Costs: £3.30 including p&p for the fabric, plus overhead/thread, so probably pretty much on a par with the £4 + p&p I routinely pay at LTS, but MINUS the hives and inability to swallow due to allergies. I call it a win. \o/


  1. For some reason your pictures aren't showing. I don't know if it is me or your blog.

    1. Thanks for letting me know -- should be fixed now!