Friday, 5 October 2012

Mainly about magazines, in bullet points for some reason

1. I'm suddenly absolutely in LOVE with MyImage, which is a Dutch pattern magazine very similar in format to the Finnish Ottobre Woman (which I also love to pieces). I had looked at the magazine briefly before, but when the blogger at Fehr Trade provided a 20% coupon (scroll to the bottom), PLUS all the back issues were on sale, I splurged and bought the four issues that they have in stock (S/S 2011 and 2012, and A/W 2011/12 and 2012/13), even though the postage was dreadful. Since then, I've been gazing raptly at the browsable online magazine and at the technical drawings, and doing so has caused me to revise elements of my knit items sewing plan. More on this once the magazines actually arrive, I am certain. (I'm also in love with three of their pattern envelopes, but ugh, I've bought way too much this month already.)

2. The more I think about it, the more I realize I am really probably not a Burda Style type of person. I mean, it probably won't stop me buying the magazine, but I am pretty sure I am just not that trendy. I can't really say "but I never make anything!" because on present evidence I don't make anything out of anything I buy. But I do wonder how much I will ever make out of Burda Style. I definitely think Ottobre and now Image Wear are probably more my speed. It doesn't help that in Burda I straddle the regular/plus size line, and the plus clothes recently have mainly been hideous sack-like affairs.

3. The one I am definitely NOT buying any more of is Sew magazine, which I subbed to for a year early last spring. Ugh. Yes, you get a free pattern some months and I've quite liked all the patterns I've acquired that way. However, it's horribly advertising heavy and I could not be less impressed with the content if I tried. Plus, the reality is that eBay floods with the free patterns for months afterwards so I am pretty sure if an issue comes with a pattern I want attached I'll be able to get it.

4. I'd really love to get a better look at Patrones, Manequim and Knipmode, but sadly you really can't seem to get single issues anywhere except on eBay and then they sell for stupid amounts of money. I think my Spanish will hold up to Patrones but I'd have to use Google Translate for Manequim and Knipmode. Of the three, I'm more attracted to Patrones I think, but I'd want to see it before I buy a 1 year sub.

5. None of the mainstream non-pattern sewing magazines appeal to me at all. I've looked at Sew Today a couple of times at the newsagent, but I've never actually been moved to buy it, which kind of says it all.

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