Thursday, 4 July 2013


The good news is that last weekend I found a place to live for the longer term here in Dublin, and after some to-ing and fro-ing with paperwork and what-not I am now all Sorted Out!  \o/ I get the keys in three weeks, but I actually won't move in until a fortnight after that due to scheduling problems getting my stuff moved over from the UK. Why is this relevant to my sewing blog? Well, it means that some time in the week of 12 August, I will be back in possession of all my sewing gear, hurrah! \o/ Of course, I have no idea how I am going to fit it all in to the space I'll have available but that's a separate problem that I will deal with later. *sticks head in sand*

Burda 03-2013-107C
In anticipation of being joyfully re-united with all my belongings I've been thinking about what I will want to sew for the season ahead, including potentially sewing for the mini wardrobe competition that PR is running in September.

Because I am tragically lame, I have a spreadsheet that has every single item of clothing that I own listed against a theoretical "ideal wardrobe". This allows me to say with reasonable confidence that my most urgent requirement is long sleeved knit tops for work. I'm therefore perusing my pattern stash (envelope, Ottobre because it's usually good for knits, Burda of course) for the sort of smart-casual top you can wear on its own on warmer days and under a cardi as the weather gets cooler. I'll probably also make a couple more short-sleeved knit tops because they're handy in the early autumn (and seriously, the things I've made that I wear the most often and love the most).

I also need jumpers (which I will probably buy) and also cardigans. I might try to sew at least one cardi though, just because there is that one great Burda pattern from earlier this year (Burda 03-2013-107C). Unfortunately everyone who's reviewed the pattern on PR has said it runs small and close fitting and it's only up to a 42 in the first place so, ugh, grading. Lots and lots of grading, plus some kind of sneaky FBA to give the Boobs of Doom some extra room amid the ruching. (Also knit buttonholes, yikes. I can't be the only person afraid of those!) Other than that, most of the stuff on my list is a want rather than a need. Mainly, I would like to make at least one dress. If I do make one, I'll probably start with a knit.

So: knit tops, maybe a cardigan, maybe a knit dress. My overlocker is seriously going to get a workout once I get it back, I think, and I'll probably burn through a good percentage of my knit stash which will be great.

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