Sunday, 21 July 2013

Too tired to sew

It's been a tough couple of weeks. My first course delivery at my new university just had to take place in a heatwave, of course! It's hard work lecturing anyway before you add in stifling hot rooms and half-asleep students. Plus I managed to hurt myself through my own stupidity right at the very end of last weekend, and spent Monday and Tuesday basically wishing I were dead and wondering how I was ever going to teach on Wednesday. (The answer was: carefully.) Thankfully the medication kicked in and I was better on Thursday and almost back to normal on Friday. Still, the combination of pain and hot weather wasn't really a happy one, and definitely not conducive to sewing at all until I felt better.

This weekend therefore I had grand plans to make another Washi dress, but I was stymied by the sheer weight of exhaustion that hit me on Saturday. In the morning I acquired some inexpensive sheeting (Tesco this time, rather than Primark) to use as a lining for the other half of my reversible Primark duvet cover, since it's too sheer on its own to be decent. I prewashed it and hung it out to dry in the glorious sunshine while I worked on the pattern. I'd decided to do the cream dress in the maxi length version, to take complete advantage of the border print. I therefore needed to do just a little bit of basic pattern manipulation as described in that post. I used the pattern to cut out the top layer of the dress, brought in the dry sheet off the washing line ready to iron and cut, ate lunch and then, to be quite honest, I totally ran out of steam and crawled back into bed for the afternoon. I eventually resurfaced at about 7pm, ate dinner and had plans to work on the dress, but in the end I went back to bed. I must have needed it because I slept right through and woke up feeling 100% better today. However, I had a million things to do around the house, mostly cleaning and cooking, so I had no time for sewing. It's a shame though, because the weather is about to break this week and this dress is definitely hot weather wear. Maybe we'll have a few more warm days though, you never know. It's been such a weird year for weather so far, heaven only knows what the rest of the year will be like.

The only other crafty thing I've done this weekend is stitch a quick invisible hem by hand back into a pair of trousers. I kind of love that I have that skill now. It doesn't sound like much but when the hem came down after only one wear, I don't know what I would have done before -- asked my mum to look at it, probably, whenever I eventually had her and the trousers in the same country at the same time.


  1. Glad you took some time out to reboot your system. And I guess housework does have to be done - thanks for the reminder.
    Look forward to seeing your maxi but take time and only sew it up when you are feeling ready.

    1. I like to pretend housework doesn't have to happen very often, but I had reached a stage where something had to be done about the state of the kitchen and it spiralled out from there.