Saturday, 24 November 2012

My poor wallet

The Americans are having sales because of their Thanksgiving holiday, and my wallet took a beating as a result. First off, Craftsy had a sale, and I took the opportunity to buy:

  1. The Couture Dress - "From creating a muslin to adjusting fit, matching plaids and hand-stitching perfect hems, Couturier Susan Khalje guides you step-by-step."
  2. Jean-ius - "Nothing can replace that magic pair of jeans. But would you believe that you can make your own perfect-fit copies? I'm going to show you how to clone that fantastic fit in my Craftsy class: Jean-ius! Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit."
  3. The Classic Tailored Shirt - "Roll up your sleeves and start sewing like a pro with the help of expert shirtmaker Pam Howard."
There's a pattern that comes with the dress class, and I also ordered the discounted shirt pattern for the shirt tailoring class, although I subsequently regretted it as I doubt I will use it -- it's a flat-fronted non-dart pattern, which, no. The jeans class will have to wait a while -- I know just the pair I want to knock off, but they only fit at the bottom end of my fluctuating weight range.

Then PR were also having a sale and I therefore splurged and bought the designer unlined jacket and another class for transferring regular clothes into patterns to remake -- I bought this before I bought the Craftsy one, and I wish I hadn't bought both but, oh well, too late now. I also, last week, bought the Jessica Stern t-shirt class (I already have the pattern) and the jacket muslin classes. So, I should be all set for my sewing education, just as soon as I get done with my ACTUAL education and finish my PhD. I'm excited for trying to sew some simpler jackets as well, especially as so many jacket patterns are princess seamed and I am SUPER IN FAVOUR of princess seams now.

I'm still pretty excited by my empire-waist top muslin I made earlier in the week.  My current plan is to make one in a nice rich red fabric that I have to wear for Christmas. However, two things are stopping me moving ahead with that for now. First, I desperately need to get on with the present I am making for my sister-in-law. It's now all cut out and I've started sewing it. It's got SO MANY pieces, though, it's going to take FOREVER, plus my fabric choice is introducing some challenges. For the time being, it's got to take precedence as otherwise it just won't get done. The second thing is that after months and months of medical stuff, my fluctuating weight seems finally to be steadily heading downward again (in part with the help of me going back to Weightwatchers). It's slow, so I am 90% certain the top at the current size will fit fine. However, it seems worth it to me to hang on a couple more weeks before I make it, just in case.


  1. These sales are hard to resist aren't they?? Even though the shirt for the craftsy tailored shirt is not darted, the class itself has great techniques to learn like felled seams and making plackards. I will make up the shirt to learn but then use the techniques to make other shirts.

    1. SO HARD TO RESIST. I admit I resisted the Craftsy sale for less than a nanosecond. I've been wanting to do the couture dress and the tailored shirt classes ever since I first saw them. I love a nice crisp tailored shirt and they're one of the things I find hardest to get to fit in RTW. And the couture dresses I've seen people in as a result of that class have been stunning. Still, I must get my PhD before I dive in!