Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ambitious plans for December

I'm not dead, I'm just spending every single moment I allocate to sewing endeavours on this flipping bag I am making for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I think the end is sort of in sight, maybe, possibly? It's not that it's hard -- I'm not unpicking over and over or struggling with the pattern -- it's just INCREDIBLY time-consuming because it has about forty pieces. On the plus side, now that it's looking properly bag-like, it's actually looking pretty great. I'd certainly carry it and be pleased if someone made one for me!

Since it's December 1st, I though I'd share my sewing to do list for the month. Well, sewing to do list for the next three weeks, since I'm heading down to my parents' house for the festivities the weekend before Christmas and not coming back until something like January 4th.

My December Sewing To Do List

1. Finish the bag for my sister-in-law.
I might even get this done this weekend as apart from the zippers I've not got much of the fiddly little pieces left to deal with, just the larger construction steps.

2. Make several bags to restock my shop.
I need to make: 2 large bags, 1 medium bag, 3 small bags, and 1 clutch in order to get my stock back to normal levels. I've got the medium bag and the clutch cut out, I've picked out patterns for all the rest, but I've not completely decided on fabrics yet. All the patterns I've picked out though are familiar except two, and only one of those is complicated.

3. Make a top to wear on Christmas Day using my Style 3997 muslin.
I'm probably most excited about this To Do list item. I'm using a red embroidered fabric so it's a bit Christmas-y already.

4. Finish up my "Nora" jersey top in blue floral jersey.
I wrote the review up for this top and posted it 2 weeks ago, but the hems and cuff hems still aren't done! I don't know why, it's not like it's complicated and it will take me at most half an hour once I get started. So this is a quick one to knock off I hope.

5. Make a tailor's ham and sausage.
It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my mum got me a sleeve board as a present. Once I've made myself a ham and sausage, I should be all set for tailoring equipment. This should be quick, at least, since it's pretty simple stuff.

Oh, and I have to hit my PhD writing deadlines as well, of course. It's pretty much only the sewing that is keeping me sane though, so I prefer not to add that in to my list of things to do on this blog!

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