Saturday, 8 December 2012

Made: Bags of Bags

It feels like ages since I made loads of bags, but this week I made five (!) for a shop restock. Of course, my restock is far too late for actual Christmas sales, but this is when I had the time, so I refuse to worry about it. I've made all these patterns several times before, which was actually nice. It was comforting to remember I CAN sew and make things and I'm not really as hopeless as garment sewing often makes me feel! I guess this is how people with TNT patterns feel -- I can turn out most of these bags without even thinking about it.

My go to bag pattern designers are always Michelle Patterns (formerly Keyka Lou) for anything small, and Rebekah Lambert/artsycraftybabe for larger bags. I do make bags from (many!) other pattern sources and my own designs, but those two pattern makers are my favourites for all sorts of reasons. I've got another two bags cut out and ready to go but I haven't made those before so they will take a little more concentration and effort. One thing I have learned is that really small fabric items -- wallets and pouches and whatnot -- just don't sell at all, so I don't make them any more except on request and/or for myself.

Once my seven bags are done though, well, it's time for a little selfish sewing! I've been so successful with my To Do List so far, I've added a couple of little projects for myself if I have the time before I go home to my family for Christmas: a new winter handbag, and a case for my iPad, which I've been meaning to make for lo, these many months. Neither of them are really massive projects, but they're also not things I would stress about overly if I didn't get around to them.

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