Friday, 28 December 2012

Made: IdeaPouch by MIchelle Patterns

The very last thing I made in 2012 was this pouch. It's called the IdeaPouch and it's by Michelle Patterns. She shows photos of it with some kind of exercise book inside, but it's actually perfect for an iPad. I held off on making a case for my iPad for ages as I knew Michelle was going to launch one, and then when she released it it took me about five months to get around to making it. However, before I went on my Christmas travels, I decided I really needed to make one to protect my iPad in my bag.

This version wasn't totally successful -- you can probably see that I got my centre pleat on the front pouch in the wrong place -- but I like it all the same. I did change the closure method as I dislike those wrap-around string things as illustrated in Michelle's version and so I used velcro instead. I also altered the interior pen slip into a combination of pen slips and pockets of various sizes.

The fabrics are straightforward: red and black faux suede, with a white red and black quilting cotton lining. I interfaced with ultra heavy weight which was not my best idea -- it made the pouch a bit crinkly sounding when you fold down the top flap -- but it's fine for my own personal use.

The actual pattern is well-drafted and clear, just like all of Michelle's patterns. She's one of my all-time favourite pattern-makers, and I can't recommend her patterns highly enough when people want to make functional small bags and pouches.

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