Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Made: Tailor's Ham and Sausage

A tailor's ham and sausage
I decided the other day that I really did need a tailor's ham, but I was very put off to discover that the only hams for sale anywhere were either (a) ugly or (b) expensive for what is a very basic thing or (c) both. No way I was paying £10+ for an ugly tailor's ham when all it is is a stuffed rounded shape.

I therefore found a pattern here that I downloaded, as well as instructions that I mostly ignored. Traditionally hams are stuffed with sawdust but the one part of the instructions I did read suggested  that knit scraps were all right too. Since I've made quite a few things recently in knits I had a lot of medium and small sized scraps that I could use, although I have to admit I had no idea just how much I would need to fill what don't look like particularly large objects. I had what seemed like a huge bundle cut up to stuff in the ham but once I put them in it wasn't even half full! So, don't underestimate how much you'll need if you make one yourself.

Tailor's ham, stuffed very full of knit scraps
For the outer, I just used home dec weight fabric scraps. Since I'm mainly a bag maker and I make almost my bags in home dec weight I had a LOT of choice for small-ish pieces. The sausage is made of a tapestry weight fabric. I actually regretted this fabric because it shredded all along the seam line. I stitched it closed without even an iota of finesse but a LOT of thread in the hopes that it will not shred any more, but I'm not overly hopeful, if I'm honest. Still, it was easy to make so I can always run off another and just re-use the stuffing. The ham is made with Ikea dancing hippos in red. I ended up underlining this with a piece of scrap white cotton as I wasn't sure the fabric was strong enough. It looks pretty good though, and who wouldn't want hippos on their ham. :D

Other than taking the photos, I got the ham and sausage done last night and I also twin needle stitched the cuffs and hems on my blue floral knit top that was otherwise done three weeks ago. I'm only three days into December and I've already knocked off three fifths of my To Do list. :D Before I get too excited though I have to note that the other two projects are a little more demanding. Next up, I'm getting started on replenishing my bag stock for my Etsy shop, and I've got SEVEN bags to make in order to do so. So far, I've got two cut out, another three where I've chosen patterns and fabrics, and the remaining two I just have listed on my spreadsheet as possibilities.


  1. Hard to resist aren't they!!! I like those new Buttericks too. Missed the sales though.

    1. The one thing you can be sure of with BMV: there will be another sale!