Monday, 17 December 2012

Simplicity Early Spring 2013 collection picks

For ages I couldn't work out why both McCalls recent pattern releases and now Simplicity had some youthful looking formal dress designs in their mix, but then I remembered that Americans do that whole prom thing in the late spring/early summer. I suppose people making dresses for that must start looking for ideas around about now. At any rate, that explained the three very obvious young women's formal dress patterns that I saw in the new Simplicity Early Spring 2013 range. Not being either in the age range for those patterns or even in a country where proms are very popular, I shall ignore them entirely!

These two dresses are my favourite items in the new range. The Amazing Fit dress, 1686, I like very much -- I like the collar and the shape of the dress overall, and the faux wrap styling. The Project Runway dress, 1687, I am a little more sceptical about. On the one hand, I really love the bodice, especially as shown in the grey version with the contrast top. On the other hand, I am not totally convinced by that bulky pleated pocket at the hip. Still, definitely cute.

My other pick, randomly, is a craft pattern. Look at the little starfish pincushions! OK, I'm never going to spend £10 to get it, which is the minimum full price going rate for Simplicity over here, nor even buy it at sale price for £5. But it is sweet.

And finally, winning the award in the WTF category is obviously 1709. It's called a "Tailgaiting Accessories" pattern set. Now, I only lived in the USA for 2 years and only once spent about 10 minutes at a Tailgate thing (at the university where I was doing my Masters degree) so I can't claim to speak authoritatively. However I am pretty sure that you couldn't walk around many such events with a dozen cans of beer strapped across your shoulders like ammunition without people looking at you like you were OUT OF YOUR MIND.  For the rest of the world that Simplicity has apparently forgotten they sell to, the entire set of patterns is bafflingly hilarious, even the name. "Tailgating" here is a driving offence, not a party, as in 'failing to maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front'.


  1. Love to see how that Simplicity dress works out. Only one of the new simplicity patterns that peaked an interest in me.

  2. I'll have to wait for a sale before I get them! They're just too expensive full price for me, especially when there are no reviews yet to know whether they are any good.